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Just a quick write up introducing my game and giving a summary of where I am in development.

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Hey everyone, thanks for reading.

Just a quick Summary. Development Hell is a weird walking simulator where you as the player try to traverse a world as it is being created by an untalented and indecisive developer. It's, at the moment, short, sweet, and hopefully entertaining. Now on to the most recent update.

Alpha 6, uploaded last week, is the first in a line of updates to deepen game play in the distinct, existing areas of Development Hell. Also, today is the start of a recurring in-game scavenger hunt that will be changed each update, but we'll go through that at the end.

So onto the updates. While I like the general build of the current game it was much too shallow. Whenever I was testing new jokes or mechanics I could usually get from start to finish in less than 5 minutes, at least if I held down the sprint key. So, I have decided to start going back through every major section of the game to add more jokes, interactions, distractions, game play, and just generally the things I wanted to add originally, but I was too impatient.

This time around I focused on the stealth section of the game which is very early in the game, but previously had literally no player interaction, a few tiny rooms, and only one decent joke. As of this update, the stealth section has at least two solid jokes as well as a handful of terrible ones, newer and larger rooms, multiple available interactions, more and better audio with actual feedback, and even a spatial puzzle that should feel like a mid-90s stealth game. With all those changes, I am confident that the stealth section has ballooned form 10 seconds of game play to at least a good 45 seconds. Next update, I will try to build up the platforming section.

So, onto the scavenger hunt.

Alright, so for each of these content updates, I will be hiding Reggie, a disembodied head, somewhere in the newly updated section and if you are one of the first 5 people to find him, I will buy you a Steam game. This update, just $1 games. Sometimes he will be just out somewhere, other times he might require some parkour, maybe I’ll even make some weird little puzzles.

Step by step:

-Find Reggie in the updated section

-Click on Reggie and write down the code word

-Email the code word to Unstable.Studios23@gmail.com

-Hope you’re one of the first five people

I hope you enjoy the new content, and happy hunting.

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