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Post news RSS Development Diary Number Six!

The Sixth edition to our Development Diaries! Hope you enjoy it! Has lots of media this time! Don't forget to check out our audio clips!

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the development diary #6!

I don't have a lot of little updates for you but I do have a few pretty big accomplishments!

Let's start with our soundtrack!

  • 2 New Songs Released for soundtrack
    • "Lost Souls" Already uploaded
    • "Peppy" still being uploaded but WILL be up by the end of the night!
  • Development on a Text based Intro video is nearing completion!

Now onto game stuff!

  • Changed our Version system, All versions will now use a #.#.# system AND SOMETIMES it will use a #.#.## system!
  • Version 0.2.1023 --> v0.2.3
  • Introduction to a few new maps below:

Bedroom -- 85% finished

I can't really reveal to much at the moment, since I cant actually get into the game (I ended up creating another bug causing it to be unplayable at the moment -.-)

Will upload more pictures of fancy maps later!

  • More story editing -- Scene one 50% finished
  • Parameter modification updated
    • Introduced a smoother transition system
    • Updated decreasing of parameters
    • Gave player a little more time before Unnatural suicide
    • Added more warnings for this parameter
    • Tweaked Balance issues in this system
  • Updates to State of Grey:
    • Screen effects happen more frequently
    • Allowing sounds play overtop of themselves to add more of an effect
    • began working on a Hallucination method for this mode
    • The First Mind Puzzle is being added
  • Monsters Editing:
    • Added a new monster(Made by Bee)
    • Began tweaking his qualities
    • Generating his Balancement
    • Updating his skin some more
    • "Defiler" Tweaks:
      • Tweaked his speed to moderate
      • Tweaked his damage so it's impossible for a 1 hit kill form him
      • Edited his skin slightly for a smoother flow
      • Fixed his lag when walking
  • Map Updates:
    • Dream no longer Freezes players
    • Added more interactions
    • Updated it's "Nightmare Session"
    • Started Characters main home
      • Added Bedroom
      • Added Main room
      • Perparing maps for interaction scripts
    • Tweaked Some areas of the maps so players can no longer Walk on walls and light sources
  • Other things:
    • Started working on Natural damage causers (Such as fire and electricity)
    • Edited Players speed
    • Adding a "Dash" ability (1 step quick movement)
    • Adding a "Jump" Ability
    • Mechanics for Hiding and other means of escaping in consideration
    • Trying to add a test intro video to the game
    • Tweaked Full Screen Mode
      • Random Bug for screen flickering fixed
      • Game will now boot in Full Screen mode automatically
    • Some Comic Relief being developed for a little entertainment in game.

For now that's really it, until I think of something I forgot and try to find a way to tell you guys. ! Anyway thanks again for the support! Here is some media:

This one is for you PewdiePie fans out there!

And Actual NPC for Storyline Progression!

And that's it for now guys!

Check out our new youtube channel: Youtube

Our Facebook page: Facebook Page

AND our twitter! Twitter

Stay in contact guys! we love the support!

~Skyline Interactive Team

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