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Learn about the development progress made in June 2016!

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There is not to much to share media wise this month, but I still want to do a monthly report on updates and changes!

This month I tweaked a lot of the VFX in the game to utilize the Zero Engine to it's maximum potential. Player input, loading screens, and the menus have all received a graphical and/or audio overhaul in my effort to strive for the highest quality possible. Another significant addition to the game this month has been the implementation of over 30 more voice lines! By the end of July, the first 65% of the game should be in a finalized state, with some beta builds being sent out in order to gather feedback on the significant revisions made in the past few months.

In the upcoming month, I plan on implementing the missing voice lines in the first few chapters of the game, as well as start looking into how to make the final chapters of the game look aesthetically as interesting, appealing, and theme-fitting as possible. I look forward to being able to show some concepts in the next development diary!

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