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Post news RSS Development Diary - July 2016

Learn about the development progress made through the month of July! A new demo is out for everyone to play.

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Development Diary - June 2016

Another month has gone by! Although some of the plans I had for July did not get realized, there is a bit of exciting news to share.

First and foremost, a demo build of the game is now available here on IndieDB via the files tab on this page!

This demo contains the first 8 levels from the game (the full first chapter)! Although everything should still be considered work in progress, and subject to change, it is likely the majority of the content seen is final. Please note that for the final release, the only site which will host the download (at least as currently planned) is DigiPen's Game Gallery (which has hundreds of awesome free games from talented students you can play now)!

Outside of launching the demo today, the primary work for July has been fixing performance issues. The game is currently pushing the Zero Engine to its maximum potential. After a lot of tinkering, tweaking, and alterations I have gotten the game to run smoothly across many different computer builds and operating systems. Several tools are now in place to more easily determine what objects in the game are causing lag and slowdown, speeding up the debugging process exponentially. These tools will be left in the game for players to look at should the desire (for example, holding the ` key while pressing f will load and unload a frame rate tracker).

Cheers and can't wait to share more with you guys next month regarding the development process.

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