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this is the seventh development diary of Conquest of Life. This time though with more negative vibe.


During a month, only thing I have done to progress CoL was adding one wall.


There is no denying that I am a wave-kind of person. Sometimes I give 100% of myself to develop this mod, sometimes -100%. Sometimes I cancel, sometimes I continue. My grammar is awful at this moment but I apologize of it

This applies to my real life, but I have made a total 180 as far as life quality is concerned. I have friends, a girlfriend, I spend time with my family, I am doing great in school at the moment (it's my main priority at the moment) and overall things are going well.

However, those aforementioned are all negative for CoL. I simply have no time to develop the mod. I have no motivation either. No motivation and no time is no good. That brings up the question - will I continue the mod?

Unfortunately, no.

I don't know if this is me cancelling the mod for once. I simply have to time and mo notivation. I don't know and in fact I don't care.

Read between the lines to see if this get cancelled

This makes no sense is way I'm wrinting this article, but I don

t care about it either

Maybe one day. Farewell now

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