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News about my progress on The Forgotten Door, including a beta tester.

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Yo and welcome to another dev diary!

I have gotten my hands on a beta tester which will be testing the story later on for me, and will hopefully notice any bugs or glitches that i've missed. He also helped me test the "infected" monster from penumbra to see if it works...and it does!

There will be a small note named "INFECTED INSTALL GUIDE" which will help you install it, but it isn't really hard to do. It will mostly be "copy & paste" :D

Progress on the custom story is also going forward. Not much though, but I do work on it a little from time to time. I just have other stuff to focus on (sorry about that).

Unfortunately, this might take longer than i first expected. I DO PROMISE that I will release this custom story! One way or another! I only wish for you guys to wait for it. Your enthusiasm really motivates me to work on this, so please wait patiently for it! :D

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