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Post news RSS Development Diary #5: Change of plans, and something to worry about

Hi everyone, I'm back from the dead, almost literally. Also got something else to write about.

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Hi everyone! It's been a long time since my last activity in ModDB and now I'm back, writing this article. This time, I'll cover some of my plan changes related to my third mod, Conquest of Life.

My very first idea was to execute the mod in the following way: (might include slight spoilers)

You go through the mansion area to a basement and escape from there after you've got some things done. After that, you would go to a castle for whatever reason to find something, and from there go to somewhere for no apparent reason whatsoever, and then do something somewhere for some reason. No no no, it would make absolutely no sense to go to a castle during a breakout.

However, I've decided to make the mansion area larger. The area you saw on the demo will now only be one of three hub areas you'll go through. One map, which I originally intended to be on that area will now be moved to yet unknown area. I have tons of ideas, puzzle ideas and such. Stay hyped as always!

On a sidenote- this isn't anyhow related to my mod but I'm getting threatened outside ModDB, from a stuff related to ModDB which is not true in any way. From who, shall that be unsaid. Regardless, shall the threateners execute their threats, that will lead to consequences. This is a non-straightforward warning. If you see something related to me somewhere which is even a bit suspicious, make sure to let me know. I have zero tolerance for spreading false accusations and lies, especially when it is about me. I don't want anyone to think I've done something which I have not. Thank you.

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