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A new article about "little" changes for Year Zero.

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it has been a while since the last diary once again. Much has happened since then, and I've made a neat amount of progress meanwhile. Library level is nearly done, I got a few maps to a nice start and one of my friends in fact made me a totally new map. As far as progress goes, it is looking pretty good.

What is new?

I've never been this excited about writing a dev diary before. Year Zero is no longer a one man project.

From now on, KrustiClawn is the second half of this mod. He has returned from his rather long hiatus and we agreed to work on this mod together. I can not wait from my end how this will turn out, as he is one of the most creative Amnesia modders I've met. What this practically means is that the mod development speed will drastically increase, and I think the overall quality of the mod will increase.

The plot and theme will generally stay the same, though some changes can obviously be expected. Same goes for the general pacing of the mod. Some things are still a bit open (such as the storyline itself), but I am sure that we will get the pieces fit together.

I am super excited for what we can do together with this mod, and I can't wait to let you guys know too.

What to expect:

It is likely that some more news will be posted rather soon, as well as some new screenshots. The mod itself is still in a rather early development stage, but now things are really getting a boost.

Thanks for reading, stay hyped!

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