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Post news RSS Development Diary 3 - Redoing graphics and scenes

We are redoing all scenes with better, more immersive graphics and environment. Meanwhile development on all other scenes is on halt. Hope this is worth! :)

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After a period of passive development (laziness) we decided it was time do something about the graphics. We needed to make them more real, more immersive.

So we called it. All work on new scenes is stopped until we are satisfied with the graphics in the previous scenes!

We started with the ugliest and the most simple one first. It is a small apartment where crucial things are happening.
The old graphics were terrible (don't deny it, just look at the picture and say it, it was ugly :D ) and it didn't suit the story because a lot is happening in such a little space. We didn't even noticed it how terrible it was compared to other scenes. But hey, it was what it was and we were proud of it!

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So we got our creativity hats on and got to work! Within a few days we got new furniture to go with the new scene, some creativity to make the rest from cubes and started building it. Just after couple of hours of work we started to see what big difference we made and were amazed by it!

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So after a couple of days work and the new scene was finished. Only thing left is to import the scripts to it. So considering it finished, we built the lightning and shaders and our jaws just dropped of how good it turned out. We were just speechless of what we did considering none of us knew anything about developing a game a year ago.
Looking at the new scene only made us realize that now all other scenes are not that good, so only thing left is to redo all the old scenes before we continue making new ones and continuing the game.

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