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First entry in the Development Diary series of Year Zero.

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Hello everyone! This is the first development diary for my in-development Amnesia mod, Year Zero. I started this project three weeks ago, and I can say that I am not disappointed with the decision I made. I have been enjoying working on the mod (at least so far) a lot, and for once I feel like I actually have something to accomplish.

General ideas and what's new:

  • I have been working only on the first level so far. This is because I believe working on multiple maps at the same time hampers your creativity and flow. I will not start a new map before the first one is entirely polished, scripted and detailed.
  • The storyline is in very active development currently. All my mods previously, including Conquest of Life, have failed at least when storylines are concerned. This time, I want to give you a well-developed, planned and executed story. It is no doubts that storywriting is amongst the worst of my skills, so I will give my everything this time. I hope you will enjoy the satanic ride you are about to get yourself into.
  • The improvement I have made throughout the first map and the last map of Conquest of Life has been overly massive. The levels I make for Year Zero will be far better and higher in quality when compared for Conquest for example.
  • I have decided to use a few maps from Conquest of Life in Year Zero. Some of them will probably undergo some changes, but the general layout and purpose will at least mostly be the same. These maps include: Sewer - Underground Section - Old Archives
  • As with the maps, some of the puzzles will also be moved from Conquest of Life. It is likely that none of the puzzles from the demo will be in Year Zero, but rather the puzzles I am satisfied with and what I have not yet released.

Release dates, demos?

At this point it is impossible to even estimate the date or possible demo, as the project is in such early development. I expect the mod to be released in 2021. I am not sure about the demo either, but in case I find it good for the mod then I might release a demo.

That is all for this time, thank you for reading! Make sure to comment down if you have any ideas or questions or other feedback. I will release an article regarding the fate Conquest of Life later.


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