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I've decided to keep on developing Slay Those Pixels.

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I'll continue developing Slay Those Pixels, to add more content and tweak features, etc.
I thought the game was too short and too easily beaten that I felt it needed some more attention.

I've added new skills, items and enemies to the next world I'm creating (the 3rd one - it will be ice cold there). My initial plan was to have four worlds, but I'll create one world at a time and see how it goes. There's a great chance the game will have at least four worlds in the end.

I've also created an official website for the game (and my future games) where I'll sell it when it's finished (the website is currently missing a key feature for selling my games, but it doesn't matter as of now). If you want, you can check it out at Crappypixels.com.

I've uploaded a demo where you can play a few screens of the first world to get a sense of what the game is about. The demo will be a bit outdated as I progress with the full game, but when the game is finished I'll upload an updated version of the demo.

Ice Cavern world
In-game screenshot

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