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Post news RSS Development Blog - 16/10/20

An update on our creative process, direction, and progress towards the Early Access release of Dark Fracture.

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Devblog Update BlackFirst and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who stopped by during the Steam Game Festival. Both to enjoy the lovely community let's plays, and of course, to catch that first glimpse of what's to come with our early access teaser! Ah, but some of you might have missed it, and to those that did we say there's no cause for alarm, you can still watch it at any time.

Beyond the teaser, we have also uploaded a few selected images from the selfsame early access. A few teasing still images for you all to feast your eyes on. And we can't wait to show you even more of the interesting and twisted sights that await you.

But even as the Steam Game Festival comes to a close, we're already preparing for the next event, we will also be making an appearance at the Sweden Game Conference digital expo! Which would be open to the public between the 23rd and the 24th of October! So keep an eye out for that.

We set our short-term goals once again towards those pesky bugs we have yet to crush. We expect to release the first update of the prologue in the coming week or two (some delays are possible, but we are hoping to release it before Halloween 🎃), which will address all the feedback you provided, and even include some minor additions and scares. We want to make sure we fixed and added enough sufficient content to make the update worth your while.

And of course, we’re on the job to bring the early access to light, and progressing as quickly as we can. As part of these efforts, we will start gathering potential playtesters in the coming weeks! So keep an eye out for that because we would need new victims to experience the horror that's coming, the recruitment process will go only through our Discord community, so in case you didn’t join us, please feel free to drop by.

And lastly, as you might have noticed, Dark Fracture's main product received a fresh new banner. This lovely piece uses the art of the very talented Daria Naumova. And so we would like to thank her for the amazing creation!

Devblog Tease Black

We mentioned above the new images taken from our upcoming early access. And while some things might be subject to change, we wanted to use these to tease the future. And so we would like to present you all with this taste of the future. Do enjoy the sights!

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