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Post news RSS Development Blog 01 - State of Extinction 2016 Update

It has been a little over 2 months since we have released the Demo which we received very good feedback. We primarily used the feedback in our continued development of State of Extinction to enhance features and polish the game. We will be providing periodical Development Blogs as we build up to our Early Access release. In this Blog, we will talk about some of the most recent development changes and implementations we've built.

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SoE Early Access02

We have recently implemented part of the Neander Valley which you can view in the screen shot above. This region is rich with wild life and primitive beasts looking for a tasty meal. Oh and you maybe surprised of what other humans may be grazing the forest. Your journey will take you here as you continue to define your, "Calling" in life.

SoE Early Access04

With the Day/Night cycle implementation, some quests are only possible to complete at night. With night, comes danger. But rest assured, you will always find refuge when near a warm fire. In the screen shot above you are seen at a tribe you've found. Will the natives help you or hinder you? Anything is possible in the land that time forgot.

SoE Early Access03

What makes State of Extinction a, "different" experience is your interaction ability with other NPCs. Man was not built to live alone. So you will have a mate. We have implemented systems so your mate will, "help" you on your passage during this Hunter-Gatherer era. Make sure you include your mate in our daily efforts, or potentially face...extinction!

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