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Post news RSS Development Article No. 3: Demo In Progress

We discuss an early preview of Death Arena and why this is happening.

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I'm back with another development article about how I'm working on a demo version of Death Arena and what it will be showcasing. I will also discuss what I have done over the past month or two in regards to the mod.

Right after the second article I hit a major artist's block. I was sick and tired of putting blue lights on brown tumor walls everyday so I decided to stop and go back to drawing. Thankfully after I hit the drawing board (quite literally) I thought of a demo and I am now working on the map as we speak. It will feature three maps that were picked from the top places chosen from Death Arenas poll. Tau and Upsilon are confirmed but I feel as though a place in Theta would suit the game at its current state more than Omicron so we'll see.

The demo will start in a room inspired by the SOMA teaser trailer as seen below using the original assets in the video:

The room will feature three doors each decorated to be matching to their specified arenas. Already the map looks really cool and I can't wait for you guys and gals to play! The demo for Death Arena is probably going to come out late Summer but I am not too sure.

So far the bare bones layout of the Tau map is made and the middle of Upsilon is almost complete. Not reassuring words but I just wanted the Reception map in the full game to have more characters and features released for Day One. Hopefully the people sticking through will be happy with the finished project.

- TheDoctorPoo

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