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Since I have finished another semester of college, and it was not my best, but it seems that I am off for the summer, but still working. I am going to plan right and pull my heart out in development this summer.

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Since I have finished another semester of college, and it was not my best, but it seems that I am off for the summer. But I am not sure what my plans will be in terms of education plans. I will be working like always this summer. I get 3 days off, one of them is 2 days in a row.

So one person wandered about the status update of the mod, I have honestly have not made much progress recently. In past recent weeks, things have gotten stressful, but now its all at ease. So I decided to try something new to make further progress of my project. I will use google calender to create tasks to do with in a resealable time frame for my mod. So my brain knows that I half to get that done with in that time, thinking faster, working faster, but still be critical and planing ahead of that task before I take on that task.
I'm sure this will help me allot.

In other news, and actually relay good progress, but not in scale, but brain storming. I have talked with one of the voice actors helping me clear out all the puzzle, and story gaps, to make sure that everything flows smoothly as possible in story along with the puzzle that will be associated with the story. So all the brain storm ideas of concept's of story execution are all fully gone and handled accordingly.

And the prison design that you all saw in the screen shots have been scraped from design. I will use the grungy dirty style environment for the asylum, and have the prison be modern look, but still lightly grungy.
So its back to square 1 for those level design's, but I do know what I want.

The voice acting script lines are 100% done, Brandi (Acting for Julia) Has finished all her recorded lines.
Still waiting for Stig and Michell to send there last recording session, so that will complete the story actor recording lines officially.

Overall I think by this stage in development, the scale of the mod might be the biggest amnesia mod made so far, I think. Its a whole game's length so your in for quite a ride. I know I might be taking a risk in how big the lore is, and story progression, but its a risk I am taking. I do understand that most players are used to having a short experience that is fun, but I want to go for a full game's experience that is just as fun.

Well I am extremely grateful that still to this day, people are still tracking and eagerly anticipating for The Hands Resist Him. I still do not know the prediction of the release date, but I am going to pull my heart out in this development process over the summer break. Thank you all so much, regards John.


This is incredible, the fact that all the story based audio is already done is amazing, I can't wait!

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jssjr90 Author

Well I still half to wait till the other actors do the rest of there part when they have time to do it for the audio portion, but the text script portion is done.

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