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We're really close to releasing the demo! This diary introduced a few new enemies, a bit more on the newly added "Abi", and exactly what we mean by SS.

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Let me first start off by apologizing to anyone who was promised a demo I really have no excuses. So, I'll be pistol whipped by Barney after I finish typing.
Secondly, let me tell you this: Our practically horrid estimating skills(We're frequently
remarked as the Dukem Nukem Forever team...) give us more time to make the game perfect. So, NOT like Dukem Nukem Forever.
Now, onto gameplay.
It may sound stupid, but this is a feature I personally designed myself.
Basically, it allows you to perform various attacks, SPEC Attacks, Taunts, and finally, Un-Doings.
Taunt = Changes enemy behavior
Attack = A offensive; yet not a gun
SPEC Attack = Special attack. Breaking through obstacles(And zombies!).
Un-Doings = SPEC attacks so powerful, THEY WIPE OUT ALL ENEMIES ON A LEVEL.
Finally, I divulge info on SS(Strategic Settings).
By no means is COR a strategy game, but it does have it's moments where you have to think before you go in, guns blazing.
SS helps the player do that, but without the form of an annoying fairy who never shuts up. It stops the game , and allows the player to access the situation. It scans enemies, obstacles, detailing the player what to do. With sarcasm.

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