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Post news RSS Developer Update 23/04/2016 - New Parts & Other Changes

This will include a new engine, gps block, navigator, if-box, drag modifier, selector box, numberplate and additional bug fixes.

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From the Team

Good news everyone, last week we've been testing multiplayer for HB14 and it's coming along better than we expected. That being said we're happy to announce that this update will include a couple of new parts and that some bugs have been fixed yet again. As always we'd like to thank everyone for supporting us throughout development and we hope you guys enjoy the new parts. If you happen to run into issues of any kind don't hesitate and let us know, that way we'll be able to identify the problem at hand and improve Homebrew for other players as well!

Two-stroke engine

This beauty is a two-stroke combustion engine which completes a power cycle with two strokes and only one crankshaft revolution. It is compact and very useful on small vehicles like bikes, quads, karts and all kind of other vehicles.

GPS block

This block will display the world position (in meters) as X, Y and Z values.

Navigator block

If you give this block an X and Z position (world position) it will calculate the degrees and the distance between the block and that position. The value in degrees can be displayed either as degrees (°) with 0° being straight on and 180° being the biggest difference or as a factor (-1 --> 1). You can also chose which unit is used for distance, options include:

  • km
  • m
  • mile
  • yard
  • foot
  • inches
  • nautical miles

Example: write down the coordinates for hero mountain (8900, -13750) by using 2 modify boxes with offsets + max values --> make auto-pilot towards the position and brake when distance < x by using the if block (or a mod-box with an offset if you prefer that)

IF - Logic box

The if logic box allows you to make conditional statements where the output is determined by whether a statement is true or false. For example if A>B then the box will output the value that is assigned to the A>B input and so on. Below is a list of all 5 inputs:

  • A
  • B
  • IF A > B
  • IF A < B
  • IF A == B

Selector box

In function of the input value that this box receives it'll select a certain output node which in return will output a value of choice. Below are some case examples:

  • Input value = 0 --> Selects first output + outputs chosen value
  • Input value = 1 --> Selects second first output + outputs chosen value
  • Input value = 2 --> Selects third output + outputs chosen value
  • Input value = 3 --> Selects fourth output + outputs chosen value
  • ...

Drag Modifier Box

This box allows you to set drag and angular drag to values between 0 and 5.


We noticed that a lot of you use LCD's to mimic numberplates and therefore we're happy to say that the reworked version will take customization to the next level. These plates have the following properties:

  • 3 text fields: Top, Middle (main number) and Bottom
  • Default text color is black but can be changed
  • bold, italic text is supported while underlined text isn't

Added Light-Color attribute

Added light-color attribute, this works in either HEX or plain text. This means that you can type in orange or #FFA500 and the light will be orange, type in red or #FF0000 and the color will be red, ...)

Additional part changes

  • Electric motor has sounds, some tweaking still needs to be done though.
  • All seats have been fixed; posing + steering wheel controls!
  • Solved the wheel hub bug where a negative brakeforce value resulted in force.
  • Hemi-joints are fixed and have a new input (Z-axis).
  • Added "Divide" option to combine box: division from top (dividend) to bottom (divisor).
  • Reciprocal option added to Modify box.
  • Noteblock play value is clamped between 0 and 1.
  • Solved an issue where blimps were spouting errors about a missing collider.
  • Detaching wheels stops force-calculations (for in builder specifically).
  • Fixed an issue where the gyrometer would output NaN values in Degrees.
  • In some cases the angularVelocity didn't update on the gyrometer, this has been solved.
  • Solved an issue where the electric motor was underpowered in the world (compared to the builder).

Other changes and bug fixes

  • Added cleanup hotkey to the builder (CTRL + DEL).
  • Fixed an issue where ambient sounds didn't update all the time (for example ocean sounds playing in the builder).
  • Added a custom mouse icon checkbox to gameplay settings, check/uncheck it to display/hide the custom icon in the builder.
  • No shortcuts while a player is typing in the builder.
  • Browser auto-closes when the builder is left.
  • Mouse input support enabled (no axis/scrollwheel).
  • Builder spotlights have been changed; now they adjust in function of sun-visibility instead of current in-game time.
  • Added invert vertical look option to gameplay settings.
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