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The first developer update for Pax Americana. We discuss the Middle East Strategy Decission

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Developer Update #1

Middle East Stratergy
So since the release of the mod I've never really explained what's your objective or what exactly you do, all i've said is that the first version/expansion will be based on the middle east. In the last update I did a complete revision of the events/decisions in the mod and how they affect the game, there was a lot of WIP features especially the Middle East Strategy(MES) decision.

The basic idea of MES was at the start of the game the relevant countries will get this decision. Depending on what they pick, it'll dictate what events/decisions will be available to that country. Not only do you get specific events/decisions for the event but it affects other countries events/decisions. This allows for every game of Pax Americana to be different based on your actions.
I think its worked out brilliantly so far and im proud to present this flow chart that shows the actions/reactions (hopefully it's not to confusing).

Red arrows represent negative results, green arrow positive results.
Example: If the US chooses Balance of power it leads to the US Pivot to Iran event chain, if Russia chose intervention the US would be able to train moderate revels, if Russia instead chose balance of power they would broker a deal in Syria/Iraq with the US.

Nothing here is meant to offend anyone. The actions/reactions don't necessarily represent what's going on in real life, It's very simplified and just works under the concept of every action has a reaction while trying to represent the countries interest's in the region.

The best part is, this is only the beginning. This is just one out of several regions to be modded and with the amount of events/decisions (80+) this is turning out to be a very in depth/complex mod.

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