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In this update we focus on how development has been progressing.

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We have started working on a Steam Greenlight video. The plan is to help get some support through Steam and then go for some crowd funding on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo. There's still quite a lot of artwork needed and we still need to sort out which composer we would like to work with (we currently have 3 offers).

Two people play tested the game last week, both presenting some good interesting feedback and finding bugs that we overlooked. Both players built the towns completely different and improved their stats differently. One player opted to even out their five points while the other spent all five on the same attributes each level (that's what I do too).

Based on the feedback we had to make the combat a little harder by reducing the chance of an enemy getting stunned and also increasing their numbers from the second dungeon onwards. We also needed to create higher level versions of the earlier monsters as they became too weak if you improved your attack or magic to a high value early on.

Rough layouts for all of the building interiors in Merkaan (third town) have been made we just need some more models made to help dress them up. We've also fixed up the main characters two other skills Empower and Shield so all of his skills work now. You will notice the shield in the preview image.

Due to all of the artists working full time or studying full time we are looking for any other modellers/animators who would be interested in joining the team. Feel free to drop me a private message or leave a comment below.

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