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Congrats to Neo Games! Congrats! We've just acquired our first three modifications and are working hard on developing them to their fullest extent. But...We need YOU, yes YOU to help!!! If you know how to do 3d modeling or any other modding skill for the Renegade/W3D Engine sign up at our forums at www.scudstorm.com!!!! Come check us out. We're live and looking to bring the average gamer the greatest experience of his/her life.

First off, the above paragraph is a quote from a similar post I made on our group page here at moddb. Moving right along here...

We're on the hunt for moderlers at this point in time; We can't accomplish our goal of giving the average gamer the greatest experience of his/her life without modelers. Models make the game..well, coding does too...But, you can't do much with JUST coding. Models are the eye-candy that brings the game to life. Apply at our forums at www.scudstorm.com for membership to our development team.




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