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Development of a new life and respawning system for Zombie Jack. Heading to Gurus of Games panel this weekend, followed by a business trip to Chicago.

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A productive week it has been. I've implemented git into my Zombie Jack project. If you've not heard of git, it is a version control system and it's made my life a heck of a lot easier and organised. If your working with Unity and would like some tips on using git, I recommend this site. How to Prepare a Unity Project for GIT. Alternatively you can give me a shout and I can share with you all that I know. Another tool I highly recommend is Atom. A code editor built on the Chrome engine. It plays nicely with Unity and git, and is absolutely beautiful to use.

A new respawning system has been introduced into Zombie Jack, in the process throwing out the dusty old system. Sometimes it's necessary to rewrite old code. I've tried to make the new system faster and less distracting. I want the players to not be frustrated by death and be able to jump back into the fight without feeling defeated.

The next area I'll begin expanding on is weapons and power-ups. This has long been in need of improvement. The mistake I made on the first rendition was making it too complicated and realistic. I'm going to redesign it to be less of a mental chore and more thoughtless fun!

This weekend I'll be heading to the Gurus of Games panel at Hybrid Worlds where I'll get to meet the makers of Montas, a virtual reality survival horror. Alex Stevens and Garth Robertson of Organic Humans will be discussing their experience with using the Unreal Engine to create virtual reality games. It looks very exciting and I really hoping I get a chance to experience it hands on. If your in Brisbane on the 22nd of November, definitely come check it out. More information here: Game Tech Brisbane Meetup page.

Note, next week I'll be heading to Chicago on a business trip, meaning I most likely won't get much time to work on game development. But things should resume as per usual the following week.

And lastly, I wanted to say to all the people of Paris that our thoughts and hearts are with you during this horrific time.

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