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The developers of 0BC, the club world development due to become registered in Germany are gathering. A logo has been created, will be described. A german law conform "Satzung" was drafted. An outlook is given.

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Worlddevelopment logo

The new logo has arrived:


It's a pair of gears:

One showing the Earth (currently only part of the surface, no offense meant, Asia is worth as much as the rest, of course) and a small bluish dot.
The respective 3D representation's (halo/ball) volume ratio is exactly equal to how much (or little) water exists on the planet Earth compared to the rest of the stuff (source: NASA: All of Water!)¹.

The other gear is made of a symbolic artusround-like table standing for the no-hierarchy, distributed principle of the world development throng.
Around it are chairs - and in the middle is an epic unicorn, a symbolic depiction of what we want: An epic world.

Up next:

We are looking forward to feedback of the state authorities to finally be able to publicly found our company.

Once established, funding of the time machine development may be ensured for a long time. The decision on priorities of which services to hire, e.g. whether and how many engineers, coders, artists that qualify and share the worlddevelopment goals shall be recruited, will be made by the worlddevelopment throng (the major ensemble) by democratic election.

The finances will be open, as will be bookkeeping, such that you can easily see where and on what which resources are spent - either in a repository on the worlddevelopment github or on the web page.

So stay tuned, dear friends.


¹ If you want to know how little of the water is freshwater (~2.5%) or how much is contained in glaciers (~65%), then follow over here to the EarthObservatory.

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