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Celaria is now in development for over 1 year. I made a little video about showcasing the developement of this game from the start until now.

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The game is now in development for over 1 year.
So i decided to make a little "recap" and show people how this game evolved through 1 year.
Time went on really fast...

New Update
This is a video which i made after the "1-year recap" video.
Here you can see some new additions to the gameplay and graphics of this game.

What was added?

  • New animations (although some are still missing and the existing ones are not perfect)
  • 3D reflection of the character on the floor
  • new moving ability: "vertical wallrun"
  • custom 3D model import

I also fixed some bugs and tried to make the player physics better.
The player has now much more control about the character then before. (Which is important in such a game.)

That's all for now.^^


I'm in love with the character's design, it's awesome !

This is gonna be a great game !

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Pretty cool concept you have here. I just have one question, why are you emphasizing being able to see your characters reflection in the floor? To me it seems more of something that's not necessary at all, seeing as how the player will probably rarely ever look down. It's cool that you can do it and all, but is it necessary?

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DevLewa Author

I'm emphasizing this, because this is a update video, not a "final" trailer which is showcasing the features if a game.
Previously, this reflection wasn't there, and if i wouldn't show this, people wouldn't see that i also implemented the reflection of the player.

Also, i'm a little perfectionist. I love to see if a company or a indie developer put his hearth and soul into a game. This also includes such little details like the reflection of the character. Maybe some people aren't going to notice it, but exactly this little details add to the experience of a game. (At least for me.)

Also imagine if the player looks down and notices, that the world is being reflected, but not the player itself. > doesn't look very good.

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Tracking! :) But will you add a coop mode ? the possibility to play with a friend at this game would be awesome !! good work btw ;)

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DevLewa Author

Well, currently i don't have plans to implement a "coop" mode into this game. I would do it if i could. But this would take a lot of development time. (Programming the Multiplayer client and a server isn't that easy.) I will try to do it after the game is released.

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Programming netcode isn't easy, but couldn't you add a simpler split-screen multiplayer option (something I'd far prefer)? I would love to be able to play this as some sort of racing game.

Anyway, the project looks absolutely amazing. I hope you will leave in the ability to import objects and such for the final release, so as to allow modders to add to the experience.
Keep up the good work!

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DevLewa Author

The question is, how would split-screen work efficiently on a PC with just 1 keyboard and mouse? This would mean, that i would be forced to implement controller support for this game. (A controller isn't the best choice for this game, as you have to be very fast and precise with your mouse/view movement.)

The ability to add 3D models into the game is going to be in the final game. I had modding/map creating in mind. This opens up new possibility's for map-creators to desing and extend their levels. The 3D-map editor (with which everyone can make levels) already has the ability to load 3D models.

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