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Post news RSS DevDiary #6 - Level Design Workflow

Carlos, our level designer shows his workflow of designing levels from paper sketch to vector maps to rough 3D blockouts.

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I'm back from a well-deserved holiday in the Swiss mountains. One hike was a little risky as it started to get dark, and being stuck in the dark when it's really cold is no fun. But the day had a happy end.

There were also things happening while I was away. The project made some really cool progress in the programming part. When throwing rocks, it's now possible that they break apart. It's a lot of fun breaking things, hehe! We also implemented a new 3D shader that needs no UV mapping which we use for rock formations. Just create some random rock meshes and the shader will do the rest. Very handy if you need to produce lots of rocks to build modular pieces of rock formation. I hope I'll get a video up next week that shows some of that!

Until we really have something implemented that I can show, we released a new video of our level design workflow. Carlos shows some paper sketches, illustrator vector maps and finally rough, clean 3D blockouts to test levels and challenges. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Speak to you later,

PS: We're still looking for 3D env artists. So if you know somebody, we'd appreciate if you told them of this project. If you are a 3D artist, let us know, contact us Posted Image Maybe you'd like to work on Son of Nor?

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