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Before you reach the end, you'll probably be faced with certain doom for your musical troupe, several times over... but that's half the fun.

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When you talk about game development, one of the topics that is bound to come up is that of rewards. What do players get for doing whatever it is you have them do, level to level? Why should they care to keep doing it?

Especially in the age of mobile games, where doing something over and over and over again becomes a key component of the gaming experience (despite many of these being thinly-disguised psychological traps), gauging what your audience will deem adequate kickback for their minutes spent on your title is an important part of designing. And while all of this is pretty straightforward for an MMO, puzzle game, or FPS, it gets trickier for an RPG or visual novel. And Harmonic Odyssey is a bit of both! [READ MORE ON OUR SITE]

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