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Post news RSS DevBlog #7 - Guardians Of The Past Feature Final Release!

Our Final Feature release is now live on Steam! With two new maps, New game modes and in-game Music! We also have a new trailer that has just made its way onto our Youtube and Steam store page!

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Feature Final Release!

It's been nearly 8 months since we launched in Early Access, and after numerous updates, we are finally happy to call Guardians of the Past, Feature Complete. Its been a long and enjoyable road and we couldn't have done it without our early backers.

View the release trailer below!

As we move onto other projects that are in the pipeline, feel free to continue telling us about any bugs through our discord or in our community hub.

You can find our Steam page here!

Guardians of the Past Steam Store Page

The full release will include:-

  • 6 different maps with unique hazards.
  • 4 game modes.
  • 2 different characters with colour customisation.
  • 9 gadgets.
  • 15 traps.
  • Various settings and customisation for tournaments.

Patch Notes

Key Features

  • Added new map called The Market.

The Market

Battle your friends in The Market, as angry merchants and civilians hurl food your way.

  • Added new map called The Docks.

The Dock

Take the fight to The Dock and use the floating barrels to spring yourself to victory.

  • Added in 2 new game modes - Team Classic and Team Brawl.
  • Added in cinematics to improve transitions between different phases of the game.
  • Added music for each map.
  • Added the ability to change the gadget difficulty in lobbies.
  • Optimised each map to reduce the workload on GPUs, which should vastly improve performance.
  • More optimisation for the network to help reduce lag.


  • Removed the laser indicator from the minigun.
  • Fixed a bug with the hammer which sometimes reset its cooldown if used at the wrong time.
  • Added the ability for mouse and keyboard players to left click to fire in any direction without aiming.
  • Dart trap no longer affects players in the grace period.


  • Added a credits screen.
  • Fixed selection arrows not correctly hiding when readying up.
  • Fixed a bug in local play which allowed players to edit another players colour.
  • Fixed a bug in local play which stopped Captain Finley from showing up when selected in local play.
  • Improved the Map Select screens navigation and selection.
  • Fixed a bug which caused music to be played when hit by the red jouster. (Not sure how that got in there).
  • Updated the UI to allow for the new team game modes.
  • Massively improved the performance inside the Library.
  • Added Captain Finley's face for use in the necessary UIs.
  • Updated the Map Select screen to allow for the 2 new maps.
  • Added a ready indicator during the multiplayer picking phase.
  • Updated the loading screens to account for the new maps and game modes.
  • Updated the waiting screen to be more consistent with the rest of the UI.
  • Added drop shadows to certain white text to make it easier to see.
  • Added various UI elements for more flavour during the cinematics.
  • Fixed a bug which stopped the UI from being removed at the end of a local play round.
  • Updated the visuals of the lobby screen settings for all players.
  • Added in lots of UI sounds for moving between buttons and menus.
  • Updated the leaderboard screen to work with team modes.

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