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On February 28th our new free map releases; the Piave! Here we give you a closer look so you're fully prepared when it's live.

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Hello soldiers !

As you might know, the upcoming Piave map is releasing on February 28! This is the second map of the Caporetto expansion, meaning this will be another map for the Italians & Germans to fight on. Of course, this a free new map, alongside the new weapons and more custom match options you’ll be getting as well.

Trench COmparison

The battle for Piave is only a few days away, so what better way to prepare yourself is some in-depth information about the map and your objectives !

Remember, the 10th of November

It’s November 10, 1917.

Only the Vidor bridge northwest of Montello still remains intact. All the previous bridges were destroyed a day prior. It was the Italians strategic plan to maintain the bridgehead beyond the Piave river at Vidor and Valdobbiadene. Start a counter-offensive against the Austro-German forces at the right wing (and help out the deployment of the Allied forces at the Italian Front). In order to deal with the danger that was lurking, a bridgehead was ordered to be built on the left side of the Piave river at Vidor.

If you would like to read more about the Battles of the Piave, be sure to read our previous devblog here.

P(i)ave the way

As you might’ve seen from the screenshots that we teased, you’ll be fighting in some vineyard. This is where the battle will commence for the German assault. Destructed vehicles and ruins of buildings that made up the town mark the battlefield as you fight your way up the hill. A real highway to hell...

Prosecco Fields smaller 1

At the top of the hill you’ll find the ruins of a castle. A strong holding point for the Italians with the highground, but the surrounding vineyards might make it a bit harder to see the attackers coming. Combined with foxhole-style trenches, overtaking the castle were the first objectives for the Germans to take, and for the Italians to defend.


If the Germans are successful in their capture of the hilltop castle and clearing out the vineyard, they make their way to the town of Vidor. A distinct height difference will be visible between the town and the forest at the top of the hill. Perhaps using this to your advantage will help, or maybe it makes you extra wary of potential flanks of the enemy?

The next objective will be the town’s Abbey. To reach this, the Germans need to make their way through the town first, go down the slopes across the town’s mainstreet which has turned into No Man's Land due to the battle. Fighting again on a ground level, both parties need to stay aware of their visibility and long distance firing/bombing that potentially can happen.


If No Man’s Land is crossed, the new fighting ground will be the Abbey. A beautiful building that still stands strong in the midst of the battle, like the Italians morale. The hallways, paths and inner sanctuary make for some close range combat, so be aware that a foe can be around every corner. Visually a very mesmerizing place to fight the battles of war.

Abbey shot

The final destination will be the Piave Bridgehead and its right bank. The bridge still stands but only partly, but can be fully destroyed if successful. Finding a different way to cross is of importance for the Germans. Luckily, a small bridge can be built on the right riverbank.

Bridge shot

But remember, what can be built can also be destroyed. Be sure to not be distracted by this side of the river. Though a smaller bridge makes it easier for soldiers to cross, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Keep your eyes on the river, there seems to be more swimming in the water besides the fishes…


Piave from above

To get you fully prepared for your new upcoming battle, we’ve a complete flyover of the map for you on our YouTube channel.

Remember that this update is completely for free, so be sure to update your game on February 28 to fight on this new battlefield!

More coming to Isonzo

This is not the last map we will bring to Isonzo! We got a lot more coming for you… Up next is a well-known phenomenon, so we’ll be getting on that right away (along with the other future content).

isonzo roadmap

See you at the Piave River next week!

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