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Pixel editing software and the new extended demo with updated animations.

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June 28:

The extended demo is almost ready for release. It's not that there was anything wrong with the original, it just felt a bit too short to accurately showcase the game. Some of the animations (or lack thereof) were also a tad insufficient. I'm happy to say that the issue has been corrected in this upcoming demo, so give it a try when it's released. As always, your feedback means more than you think.


My experience in pixel art is limited, but I've discovered a program called Aseprite that I think is really going to pan out. It's excellent at animating individual frames of animation because it features an onion skin, a semi-opaque tracing of the previous frame to give you reference. It also allows 360 degrees of rotation, which comes way in handy, and the UI is way more intuitive than something like say, GIMP (though GIMP certainly has its uses).

None of this changes the fact that I'm still looking for a pixel artist (email me!). Not looking for top of the field, just an artist who has played the demo and is passionate about the concept. Being up front, I can't pay upfront, but will be able to compensate in royalties. So yes, believing in the game is essential. Just envision the demo with your artwork in place, and if you have a gut feeling, give me a digital ring and don't be afraid. No experience necessary.

As for development progress: I'd say the game is about an eighth of the way finished. Work started around the middle of May, and it's nearly July now, so it's looking like the target of July 2017 is in reach.

Have a great day!


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