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Post news RSS DevBlog #4: Alpha 0.1 Release!

After a month and half I've something ready to be played!

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Welcome back to Untill Light DevBlog. A month ago I started this project and today I'm really happy to say that you can download the first development Alpha!

New things added:

- Wave counter indicatior with animations

- Heart icon next to health and action bars.

- Cinematic animation when player dies

- Weapons fire sounds

- Weapons reload sounds

Fixes of the week:

- Gamemode issues

With the Alpha I also made a short video to show you some "gameplay moments" that you can also recreate with your own hands.

What I will find in the Development Alpha 0.1?

- Basic FPS gameplay

- Basic animation

- Weapon pickup/drop

- Basic survival mode based on waves

- One kind of enemy with death particles

- Basic pause menu with basic quality settings

- One simple map divided into two parts: desert and forest

- A unique and amazing "Dark" immersion

- Weapon Sounds (need to calibrate all audio volumes)

- Reload Sounds

- Visible issues and bugs that will be corrected in the future

This is only the begining, I'll add more features soon. I'm really excited for next what is coming into Untill Light.

Known issues:

- Sometimes the enemies stock into objects

- Sometimes enemies began to fly in the desert biome

- Sometimes death sequence doesn't end

Untill Light Development Alpha 0.1

If you like Untill Light and want to make a video to support my work, I would love to see your creation. If the video is well made send me a link to it (I can understand English and Italian videos). If I like your work, your video will be included in next articles and shared on my twitter account. NOTE: If you made a video please say what your really think about Untill Light, don't lie to me and to your subscribers.

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