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Hello Guys! In this article, we will show you the testings we did after discussing some needed changes...

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We have discarded the idea of using a 2.5D Camera, we instead decided on using a 3rd Person Camera that would be more useful for this type of gameplay, making our game a "Hack 'n Slash" instead of a "Beat 'em up".

This camera is a bit more dynamic, the player isn't centered in the camera, and the camera will move a bit to the side depending on the direction the player is looking at.

The camera type might go through some changes still but will always remain a 3rd person camera.


This ended up changing the lock-on as well, this is almost like a "Dark Souls" type of lock-on.

The weapons won't interfere with the targeting system, any enemy can be targeted.

The lock-on doesn't need to be turned off and on, for each enemy we want to select we just need to use the arrow keys (for now) to change to the next target.

This is what we intended but still might go through some changes as well.

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