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Reveal trailer and details about the new survival mode.

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War in Europe: 1940 is the sequel to War in Europe: 1939.

War in Europe: 1940 is inspired by the historical operations happened during 1940 in Europe and, same as WiE: 1939, WiE: 1940 have two campaigns(Axis and Allies) allowing you to fight in the conflict in both sides. Also, WiE: 1940 is only a single-player game inspired by classics FPS.

DEVBLOG #2 - Reveal trailer and survival mode!

Hello again! WiE: 1940 is still in development and today I will show you the reveal trailer! Also, I'm going to talk about details of the new survival mode in this franchise.

Reveal trailer

War in Europe: 1940 - Reveal Trailer - Indie DB


(processing video)

See WiE: 1940 in movement! All the footage showed is an alpha version of the game.

Survival mode

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The survival mode is inspired by the Operation Dynamo(Dunkirk). It's a very simple gamemode, you choose a soldier and try to survive the most time as you can, except if you choose a German soldier... You have two different ways to play this survival mode:

  • Playing as French or British soldier. Try to survive in the beach the most time you can agains the German army waves.

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  • Playing as German soldier. You have to find and eliminate the last soldier remaining in the beach, be careful one shoot can kill you.

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Grab 20200627001242 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20200627001245 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20200627001201 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20200627001231 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20200627001455 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20200627001326 w1920h1080 x

That's all! I hope you like, the development is going good. The last step is finish the allied campaing and tested the game. Also, I hope to release the game during this year. Also, I'm starting to use Twitter, follow me if you want to see exclusive uploads. Thank you!


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