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Devblog 2 - Huge update, including a new guided story!

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Beta // Devblog 2

This week, we spent a lot of time cleaning up the aesthetic of our game & improving performance. We had issues with lag due to the vents system before, so that was cut in favor of a more "streamlined" storyline that takes the player through the demise of the planet in the zombie apocalypse. Our UI and guidance in general also received a big overhaul - the clunky bars on the side were replaced with much smaller ones, and text was placed more thoughtfully through the game. Additional features implemented include knockback, a much improved minimap that works with our storyline, and a redesign of the ship - no more of the white box with random katanas and guns dropped throughout! Thanks to the implementation of the story, we have a more clear-cut ability to progress through the game, letting us clean up the ship and streamline the game. We also caught A LOT of bugs thanks to our playtesters - hopefully, no more floating zombies. This was a really busy week for us!

Next week, we aim to polish the game, as we're nearing the endgame for our release - shorten the game if needed, clear up anything confusing that the playtesters found, and add some cool functionality to the ship. The map could also stand to be a bit nicer (though some terrain smoothing was implemented this week), so that will be done as well.

Check out the new build at Www-personal.umich.edu

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