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We are pleased to show the concept for our android hero and his enemies!

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The concept for the android is complete and soon we will have a 3D version of him. But for now, take a look at our hero in 2D!

Character ConceptArt 1

His chassis is made out of hardened steel and his internals come from the best technology humans have created.

He carries a deadly titanium sword infused with the rarest metals astronauts found in space.

Character ConceptArt Weapon

All his movements and attacks are fueled with a energy core, located at the back of his cape.

Character Design Energy Source

The robots that served the space colony are now wrecking havoc! There are two types of enemies: one chases his prey and strikes with his pointy arms. The other attacks from afar with his modified arm.

Enemy Meele ConceptArt

Enemy Ranged ConceptArt

These robots are also fueled with a energy core:

Energy Source

What do you think of the design? Comment your opinions, we love to ear your feedback!

We also wanted to show you a sneak peek of the first area of our game: the garage where the android was built!


Next week we will come back with more!

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