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Hello Guys! In this article, we will talk about our Team and explain some basic aspects of our Game.

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The Team

Our team is Y No Yfi, and it's focused mainly on single-player stories, we basically telling you that you don't need the internet to play our games.

The Narrative

In a distant future where music is banished and forgotten, a young kid finds a headset with 3 ghosts stuck inside. These ghosts will help the boy restore music to the world while running from the evil government corporations trying to silence them.


The Game

“D.feat the Silence” it's a 2.5D camera-based action-platformer, beat'em up game with some music and sound-related features. Our main character will be a young musician who will overcome his difficulties and struggles with the power of music, these will be translated into our main game mechanics.

Skecthes | Attacks

The character will use a few instruments that he can play at his will, and this will be his main way of attacking and defending in-game.

The character will have to fight different types of enemies, depending on the enemy type, only a certain selected instrument will be able to defeat them since each instrument will have a different type of attack.

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