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What's going on here, demo news, and hiring an artist!

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June 2:

Tumbling Apart is nearly ready for an early demo release. A sort of rough demo, I guess you could call it. While the narrative of the game is pretty set, it's possible the content of the demo may not be completely representative of the game post-release. I'm really looking forward to feedback in these early stages- Tumbling Apart is ambitious in the fact that it's striving for something that can be difficult to achieve in the medium of gaming- engaging the player through the story it tells. Yes, other games have managed to do so, and done so quite successfully, and it is my hopes that this project can build upon the groundwork that's already been set. This cannot be achieved without your feedback. Connect via twitter and developer@goodnamehere.com once the demo is released.

Without divulging too much, the game could be labeled as an adventure RPG. You don't really die. You instead live through the story of an individual named Isaac. Isaac is a man who is saddled with guilt after assuming responsibility for the horrible fortune that has befallen his sister. In order to come to terms with her demise, he must relive their entwined history and replay the regretful actions that led to her death. Ultimately, through re-experiencing their life and former tribulations, he brings to bear a mysterious power that holds the key to forever altering their darkened fates.

Well that sounded pitchy, didn't it? Maybe I'll use it for the press.

Anyway, I'm expecting the demo to be out sometime within the month. Being a new project, things aren't quite as efficient as they could be, and the majority of the demo work has been completed after about 15 days. There is still plenty of artwork to be done, and some final touching up, but I expect that to not take too much longer. The artwork will be improved throughout production. Using that as a rough guideline, and assuming the demo will be about a twelfth of the content of the game, I'm hoping to have it completed and out the door to market in a year. Time will tell, however. Things never go to plan. Contingencies, contingencies.

That's probably enough for now. Next stop is contacting the press and finishing the demo. Remember, goodnamehere_ needs to hire an artist! One who is passionate about projects such as this! Email me, and please... don't forget to have a great day.


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