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In DevBlog #1, we discuss what may be coming up and what you want!

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A preview of a craftguide!

New crafting guide!

Are you confused of what you are crafting? Do you want to know recipes so you can make more items? Well then in PreAlpha 0.1 you will now have a craftguide! In the next update you will get a small weather system including rain, snow, and thunder. I have completed rain so far, but I am still working on the snow and thunder. This will be complete with sounds!

A preview of rain

Preview of the new weather system!

In the next update I will be adding Rain to the game, who doesn't love rain? It is doing great so far, I got it so it doesn't glitch through blocks so I am good on that. And snow also, that is not finished enough yet for release, the textures are still being made as I am not the best artist. Last thing is framerate, I am trying to fix the issues with low framerate on older computers. Comment below of any improvements I should make or any new features I should add!

-Noah Brie

Expected Release Date: Friday 5/23/16

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