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Post news RSS Dev Video 10: Update & Alpha Mission 2 Playthrough

This development video covers recent changes to Vigilantes, and a playthrough of the second mission in the upcoming alpha release.

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In this development video, I cover recent changes to Vigilantes, a crime themed, turn based RPG, and play through the second mission of the upcoming alpha. In this mission, you encounter Elena Furey, a recruitable character, who has been lured to a desolate part of Reiker and ambushed by a group of paramilitary survivalists.

With the alpha release drawing near, the emphasis has shifted from implementing major features to tracking down bugs and polishing the game. There are no very visible changes since the last video update, apart from the selected tile and character indicators. In addition to numerous fixes, most of the time has gone into editing item icons, expanding inventory functionality, preventing character models clipping with the environment, and balancing.

I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any comments, criticism, questions, or suggestions, fire away. I'd be happy to discuss!

Development hours in last 7 Days: 60

Vigilantes is an exciting new crime themed, turn based RPG, developed by Timeslip Softworks.

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