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What do I have at the moment. The development started around 2 years ago, although I had months long pauses.

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Please feel free to register as a tester on my game's website! Thanks!

8. April 2016 - I've made a launcher and automatic updater for the game. I'm working on my dev. company and some other non-game related stuffs as well, so I can devote more time for the game.

2. February 2016 - The networking, the game framework, the officer/ruler profile pictures, some other graphcis, basic game mechanisms and some functions such as registration, login/logout, area terraforming, area occupation or attack, with a basic map and menu system is done. After 2 years spare time development, I'd like to allocate more time to my project by starting an indie company.
I have to implement the dimplomacy system, a real battle system, and create the race specific logics before I can make the client user friendly.

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