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It’s been a while since our last development update, but here’s a look at something completely new: the first screenshots from Level 3!

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Grumpy Witch Level 3 Screenshot

Having fought through two levels of rolling forests and grasslands, our grumpy witch is in for a dramatic change of scenery as she dives deep underneath the Isle of Misery in search of her missing broomstick -– and the source of the mysterious Elshaa crystals that are currently playing merry havoc with the flow of magic on the island.

Grumpy Witch Level 3 Screenshot

Here, Emilia contends with perilous, poorly-maintained mineshafts as well as the semi-sentient cryslings that patrol the caverns. Persevere, and… well, that’s something you’ll have to wait and find out for yourselves.

Grumpy Witch Level 3 Screenshot

As you can probably tell, our art team's been having a lot of fun with the little details in this one!

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