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In this update we reveal a new feature that is introduced in the game - crew gear!

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Greetings Arms Traders!

So far, we have talked about tanks and even showed some that you will find in the game. But tank is only a machine that is worth very little without a good crew.

In Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks you will be able to take care of the crew members by equipping them with the best gear that your engineers can offer you. Crew gear pieces won’t have a dedicated research tree, but will be found in other research trees. For example, in the “Hull” research tree

Chaser Hull 1

Crew gear comes in three different types: Headwear, Clothing and Equipment. Do you want to offer your crew some extra protection from bullet “splash” – then give them a face mask.

Crewman face mask

Or maybe it is better to equip your crew with a sturdy helmet and pair of goggles

Crewman goggles

Crewman leather helmet

But let us assume that you want to play it safe and give your crew an additional advantage over the enemy in case they come to close. Then, equip them with small arms!



Whatever you decide, just remember – the amount of crew gear you can take onboard is limited so make your choice wisely!

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