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Post news RSS Dev Update #8 - South America Pt2: Favelas Extended (+ Gangs & Characters)

In this update we show more of the Favela and some character news!

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Dev Update #8 South America Pt2: Favelas Extended (+ Gangs & Characters)

Back again guys! Here's part two of the South America updates, in this update we'll show off more of the gang members in the favela and another interior. How do interiors work? Because we're aiming for uniqueness we have been hand placing everything. This improves the quality and we can personalise locations to fit characters that live/own the location.

Locations in the favela don't cost any rent, the electricity is provided by generators and the homes are cheap. The main money maker in the favela is drug dealing and taxing businesses. As gang member players would have to work their way up the ranks after aquiring associate rank with the faction.

We are currently working on the capital city at the moment, in the next update we'll reveal the gangs that operate in the favela and the Rivas Drug Cartel. One of the dominating cartels in Wildvice, we are very excited to show you guys the city when it's finished.

In other news we have been working on characters and body types. (Scroll Down.)

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We've worked on characters a little more, currently males are at 6 body types and females are at 5. These body types are changeable in-game via your fat/muscle stats. Fat is gained from eating and muscle is gained by excersising. The game has mostly unique characters with the exception of generics in low ranks of factions. Wild Vice aims to provide over 1800+ unique characters and many generic variations to increase immersion for players. No one likes seeing clones!.. Unless they really are clones.


oi games looking fresh!

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Insane graphics, fresher than fresh!

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Thank you! If you want to see more, please join our discord to stay up to date with the latest Wildvice:1989 News! Discord.gg

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