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In this update we talk about how the AI determines the proper locations to defend most effectively; using Voronoi diagrams.

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Well after a big move to different cities, ok from the middle of nowhere to sort of somewhere, development is back on track and moving again.

One of the newest features is the human's ability to place defensive structures in appropriate locations. They do this using Vononoi diagrams and the inverse: Delaunay Triangulations. These find middle points between specified locations. The points used in this case are houses and buildings. Buildings that are close together generate a polygon that is small in size, and thus densely packed and should be defended. The humans will find these locations and place turrets or checkpoints there. So far the performance is great and it is very effective at locating the places where the player will most likely attack.

If you are interested in Voronoi diagrams, check out the Brent's blog post about them.

Here is a screenshot of the Voronoi circles in action:

The red circles indicate dense areas that should be defended. Here the AI will place defensive structures at the red circle's center-points.

That it for now. There are some more changes but I will save them for another day.

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