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Hi! We have a fresh portion of updates for you. Without further ado – enjoy reading!

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We’ve received a great amount of feedback from you about fighting system shown in Kickstarter trailers. It’s very important and crucial part of gameplay, so we decided to focus on it one more time and redesign combat system to support reactive gamestyle as much as proactive. Our goal is to provide players an immersive feeling in battlefield.

We’ve created new animations for one and two handed melee weapons. Same goes for firearms and it looks awesome. Thanks to that combat system received realism and visual boost. Weapons create different particles and hit decals depending on surface. Reload, sheathing and unsheathing weapons are also animated now.

Minigun is a new weapon in Mercenaries arsenal. We’ve created new class and system so using this monster should feel very realistic. It opens up new possibilities for each weapon. In that case – minigun barrel acceleration and animation of ammo belt.

Bow behaviour is completely different . String is now pulled with hand and weapon itself can deform. In addition to that arrow stays in place where it hit for a short period of time.

Also, we have enabled stealth which will lead to more tactical gameplay against AI and other players.


Positive and negative conditions that affect players and monsters are now in game. For example – standing in campfire will not only deal damage immediately but also for short period of time after that. Same goes for other states such as: slow, poisoning, drug/alcohol daze and much more – effect will last for specified time. Not only player himself but also monsters will have abilities to lay debuffs.


Like in two previous news we’ve worked on optimisation so players with slower machines can enjoy the game.

Questing system is rewritten, which gives our quest designers much more possibilities in designing new storylines. It gives much more flexibility for players to navigate between quests.

Before accepting quest player will be informed about rewards waiting for him at the end. Tracked missions are now displayed in side panel.

We are working on new minimap and its synchronization with quest system. New interface is on its way but we will tell you more about it next time.

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