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Here's the next post of our weekly blog, describing the progress we have made, some changes and explaining the story some more! Thanks for keeping up with us and have fun reading ! :)

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Hello to every reader out there!

We are bringing you another update to inform you of the recent changes in the game's progress! I know It's kinda late but you should know that future updates will be coming out on a weekly fashion. We are aiming for every Sunday but recent events prevented that from happening. No worries though, from now on we will keep you up-to-date!

Last time I introduced our team and talked about every member individually so you could get the general idea of what our group is all about! Also we released a really small and undetailed explanation of the story that might have left many with a “meh” expression. Today I am going to talk about some changes on our group, the pace of the game’s progress and give you a general update on the game’s development in all sectors.

So without further ado, you should know that we finally found an ambitious 2D artist, Rolando! Someone that fits our needs and loves what he does with all his heart. I hope you get to know him better through his description :

“I have always been fascinated by art since I was little and along with my imagination brimming through my mind, I always came up with stories and worlds that I wanted to create. Growing up through my childhood years and throughout my adolescence, I attended art school and more specific in high school, I studied at the Senior High of Design and Architecture where I learned industrial design. There I understood two things : First, I thought that I can do anything I want with my imagination and inspire young children through the worlds that I create. My dream is to offer children fascinating worlds where they can escape to when they feel down or when life hits them hard. By entering my last semester in Laguna college of Art and Design for Video Games I wish to fulfill that dream. I don’t know where I’ll end up while I follow this path, but I do know that I will always have my pencil and my imagination with me.”

I hope any artist or anyone else out there feels inspired from Rolando’s words!

Now, on to the pacing. The development should now start going faster as we have all the pieces of the puzzle connected. By next week we will be able to actually see the work we put in take shape! Although life outside this project can put a hold on our plans and schedules, I hope we will stay strong and not falter.

Continuing for the development update, the story is shaping up pretty good and some new mechanics popped up and are being filtered from the whole group. So to give you some more info, the bow wielding tribesman mentioned before is Hlala. He is a daring huntsman who cares deeply about his tribe. But when he has a vision, he takes up arms and begins his dangerous journey to take out his enemies. Them being enemy soldiers, African slave lords and aggressive animals. He is pushed towards his goal from feelings of vengeance. His goal is to assassinate the enemy leaders in order to break the enemy’s morale and “untie” the colonial war. As for the British soldier, his name is Harrison Eref. He is a lieutenant and has a squad under his command. He is driven to the battlefront, answering his nation’s call, and fights to return home where he wants to be. Harrison is a complicated character that is developed throughout the game and more specific, through the player’s choices. Choices play a huge role in the game, changing the character’s actions and the story’s path. Hopefully this covers some of the questions you might have had about the story!

Carrying on, the coding of the game is going smoothly, Cosmin our sole programmer and Mememinator has done a lot of work in the game. Specifically he has completed the scripts for the movement including sneaking, running, jumping and walking as well as the script for shooting bullets and arrows ! Also he has completed the mesh collider for the characters. He has his hands full now with debugging ! His meme juice keeps him up to speed though so It’s A-okay!

Our 3D artist, John, has completed the models for the bow and arrows as well as the prototype character models! All they need now are texturing from our 2D artist. Concept art is in general need from our level designer and our 3D artist, so Rolando will have his hands full this week!

Luciano did a great job with recruitment, posting job ads on different sites and designing the beautiful logos you see in our facebook page, blog and website!

To sum up, in my opinion the game is progressing in a nice rate, It could be faster but all the
“Cogs” would need to work at max speed and that is impossible because of real life complications :( .

I hope this was a fulfilling read for you guys and that it answered some questions you might had unanswered ! Hopefully we will see you guys in the next update and maybe hear some feedback from you!

You can send feedback on our facebook page at Facebook.com

And at our e-mail : dominguezluciano336@gmail.com

Check our blogs every Sunday for future updates : www.embassystudios.ml/blog

Thanks to everyone for keeping up with us, best wishes to everyone and see ya next week!

Tom “Squared” Stam

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