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Today we have a bit of a special Update, a real milestone for us. We want to show you something that we have worked very hard on. Namely, how you finally create your very own Tank! Welcome to the Design Bureau!

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Greetings Arms Traders!

Today we have a bit of a special Update, a real milestone for us. We want to show you something that we have worked very hard on. Namely, how you finally create your very own Tank!

Welcome to the Design Bureau!

The Design Bureau is the place where the player can combine all those individual tank parts to create new tanks. You can recreate some of your favorite tank models, try to design an ultimate fighting machine or, maybe, just create a totally fictional design that is cursed from the very beginning. The choice is yours.

Design 18

Every new design starts with a choice of hull. The hull is the main structural component that defines compatibility with the majority of other tank parts. Should you pick the hull that has exceptionally good attributes but is not compatible with most of your newest tank parts? Or maybe it is better to place a bet on the hull with average stats but that is cheap in production and with a high upgrade potential? You will have to face this and many other design choices before picking the right hull.

Design 05

Next in line is the turret which is another important building block of any tank as it is here that the main weapon is mounted. Of course, some armaments can be mounted in the hull as well, but most of the guns still need a proper turret. During the course of the game, the player will encounter various types of turrets, from classical rotating ones to fixed superstructures and side-mounted sponsons. Furthermore, in cases of some special hulls, the player will have more than one slot for turrets, enabling the creation of multi-turreted behemoths.

Design 04

After the turret it is time to select mobility components. First, the player must choose the appropriate running gear. Do you prefer a better trench crossing capability, or is it better to go for superior suspension? Should you choose a wider or a thinner track? Or perhaps reliability is all that matters? These are the kind of questions that awaits the player at this station.

Design 17

Equally important is the choice of the right power unit. Expect a wide range of engines, each with its own weaknesses and strengths. Do you prefer a well proven inline gasoline engine or a newly engineered, sleeve-valve diesel one? Do you aim at efficiency or fuel consumption? Chose the one that best suits your design plans!

Design 16

Finally it is time to choose the armament! As a player, you will get to select both primary and secondary weapons. At the very start of the game, your choice is limited to guns and machine guns. But as the game progress, more and more weapons will find their way at your disposal.

Design 07

Now this is not the end of the design loop. Crew gear, ammunition, paints and even parts of décor will find their appearance in the Design Bureau. But this is the topic for our next Update.

Design 15

For most recent news about the game, please join our Discord channel: Discordapp.com!


I've wanted a game, similar to Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts, where you can design your own tank from scratch. Only thing I wish was that, like that game, you can then pin your tank against AI opponents in a 3D space, but hey, can't win em all. Still very much looking forward to trying this out.

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FunGi_Gaming Author

In ATTT the story does not end after you designed and sold your tanks.
They will be battle tested against various opponents (AI tanks included) in a 3D.
But you won't be able to take direct control of your tank.

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