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This is the second half of changes that went into the new demo.

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If you haven't read the first half of this update yet, you can check it out here.

You can also download the new demo from the link below.

The Frontier - Demo - Alpha 0.13.00

So continuing on from the last update, here are the remaining changes that went into the new demo.

Change log:
- Adjusted exhaustion rates so the player loses energy more quickly.
- Changed the "Craft" button on the crafting UI to become disabled after an order is placed, and until the crafted items are picked up.
- Changed the hammer tool so it can't break down the Market, Town Hall, or any specialist shops.
- Lowered the cost to repair tools at the Blacksmith.
- Eliminated cooldown times for using tools.
- Lowered the maximum volume for music and sound to 75% of the max amount.
- Updated the controls information (H icon) to reflect changes to the control scheme.

- Revamped controls.
Functions that were previously handled by the "E" and "X" keys have been moved over to the "UP" and "DOWN" keys. Tools are also now used with the "DOWN" key, instead of the left mouse button. The goal behind these changes was to unify the control scheme a bit more, and also to set the controls up in a way that can be easily converted to a controller (for when I eventually implement support for them).

- Added an auto slot to the hotbar.
I actually decided to add this convenient feature as I was play-testing the new demo just before releasing it. It can get very tedious to continuously life yourself up (especially if you mainly use Mushrooms as I do), so I've added a way to automate this. The 0 slot of the hotbar (furthest on the right) is now an auto slot, and any energy healing items you place in there will be automatically used. Nothing will happen if you place any other type of item in the slot, and you can still press the "0" key to use the item manually.


- Added crafting fees.
I mentioned about this on twitter many months back, but crafting items will now cost money. Currently, you will have to pay a 5% fee of the total value of items you craft. I added the fees in order to make the player more conscious about their money early on in the game. In previous versions, after I got rid of the arbitrary daily tax, you could play for hours without needing to worry about how much money you had; which isn't a good thing for a biz sim game.


- Updated the Daily Report.
The Daily Report is a report of your income and expenses that are shown at the end of the day. A category for quests has been added to the income section to track money you earn from tutorials, as well as any future quests I implement. On the expenses side, categories have been added for worker wages and crafting fees. Also, I fixed a bug that caused your income and expenses to carry over when you restarted the game.


- Added three new exp categories.
New exp categories have been added for the following: the number of times you check secondary resources, the amount of successful surveys, and the amount of correct keys you press during surveys.


- Added two new player skills/stats.
I added a new skill/stat for harvest strength. Leveling this up will increase the amount of resources you can harvest at a time. I also added one for survey time. If you're having trouble completing surveys before time runs out, then you can level this up to help you out.


- Added two new options.
As I mentioned in the previous post, you can use the Options Menu to turn the info tips that are displayed for items and field objects on/off. Also, there is a new option for whether or not harvested amounts should default to growth/stable min amounts. The way this works is, no matter how strong your tools or harvest strength is, if this option is on, then you will only harvest an amount that keeps the resource at its growth min (and then stable min). If the option is turned off, then you will harvest the full amount.


- Added a Town Hall.
You might have noticed this in some of the previous screenshots, but a new building has been added to the town, the Town Hall. The Town Hall is where you can access the new tutorials, and it also has taken over some things from the Market. This includes the display for the town population, as well as hiring/firing workers.


Well, that's it for this update. As I mentioned in the previous post, my plan is to work on the Early Access release version, which I want to put out over the next few months. One of the major changes I'll be working on is an overhaul of how bundles and the Market work (so don't get too attached to its current state). I'll also be adding foreign markets to increase the amount of potential trade locations for the player.

This might be more confusing than enlightening, but just as a little tease for the more curious among you, the plan is to restrict the amount of the same item you can put in a bundle, and to change bundles from individual amounts to a cumulative value. So instead of trading bundles at a certain price, you can buy 1 value worth of a bundle, or 157 value worth of a bundle. Another way of explaining this is that you won't own 5 or 6 of some type of bundle, but rather a total value (say 850) of that bundle type. The Market will also change from just the holder of buy/sell orders, to the direct buyer/seller of bundles. This should facilitate smoother trade among different parties and the different towns, as well as allow supply/demand to have a better impact on prices.

That was probably a confusing explanation, but I'll go into this in much more detail in my next update. If you have any questions or comments though, please let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!

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