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Saving and fixes.

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In this version:

- Added 2 new items.
- Added 1 new combination.
- Added Item tooltips.
- Added saving.
- Fixed worm heart description (thanks to SabotageTheFool).
- Fixed minor potions now have 'use' button instead of 'eat'.
- Fixed minor potions now leave empty bottle after use.
- Fixed freeze after starting new game.
- Changed monster stats grow from 100% to 10%.
- Some changes to inventory

Formula for monster's stats grow is:
x * 1.1^depth
Where x is stat (health/attack).

Save option
Right now saving is very primitive. When you exit game autosaves, when you start new game save is deleted, you can have only one save. Also right now player position/depth not saving, will be later.

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