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Development progress update. 99 levels made, 1 to go. Working on the story.

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Level making for "99 Anime Girls" is almost complete with 99 levels now made and 1 to go. 64 levels have so far been released on the android version of the game.

I'm now furiously working on writing more chat content and tidying up the story as this needs to be done before the final level.

The game's story is told through cutscenes, in-game dialogue and chatting to the rescued girls. Each girl has several chats which get unlocked as she adventures and the game progresses. The chat system includes mystery surprise items as well as the ability to make decisions in a "pick-a-path" like style. Much about the game and story can be learned through chatting to the girls.

Download the android version and suggest story ideas here or on our social media pages.

Chat Ichika

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