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Let's talk about characters, dialogs and story of the game.

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Hello everyone!

The whole story was created as B-movie class plot. I'm not a professional writer, so I didn't overestimate my strength with this.

Dialog 1

As I told in older Articles the story inspired by anime and manga, so we have not so ordinary schoolboy comes in not so ordinary Academy and participates in not so ordinary events.

I don’t know whether this is ordinary...

The story pretty standard, but I tried to add likable characters and logic in whole situation even taking into account that the main theme is pretty crazy. But even so, I wanted to make sure there were as few weird decisions and situations out of nowhere in story as possible.

Meet Samantha! Your friend and comrade.

Initially, the story had many different characters and side story events. But after some time, it became clear that I will not be able to implement such a scale due to lack of resources.

Also, the main story did not imply a long time of events, for simple logical reasons. That’s why the whole story completes in 7 in-game days. Also only few characters make their way in final edit (but I think others will have their appearance in the future... in other games...)

Also, due to the fact that the story unfolds quite rapidly, I had to reveal the characters so that they do not pour out all the secrets of their souls on the second day of acquaintance.

So I tried to fit all information needed in casual dialogs and their actions. Also some characters can tell you more about others. So the player should have pretty clear understanding of each character in story.

Shooting Range

After completing most missions or in front of them, the player gets to the shooting range, where he can talk to the characters, replenish ammunition or change weapons. Also you can try your weapons on hologram targets there.

Dialog 2
“I should go” is always a choice.

The other important thing is a dialog choice. The story is presented as a visual novel with dialogs between the characters. I didn't want to make a player just a dumb dummy, so I made a dialog system that player can choose his lines. It’s not much but it’s much better then speechless protagonist, for me, at least.

Also, the choice that the player makes during the dialogues, allows you to learn more about the world of the game, and about the characters.

And it also affects the epilogue of history. But I'm not going to give you any more details on this, because it's better to find out for yourself, isn't it? I can only say that the idea of side stories fits in perfectly with the post-main events.

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

You can buy the game here =)
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