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Today, I would like to talk about game maps and level design.

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Good day everyone!

Because main focus of the game is on shooting and action, I started from thinking about interesting places to fight and then connect them with the setting of the game. Then removed those maps that I could not implement for technical reasons. And only after that, I started to think about story to connect them between.


I think you will find this template a bit familiar.

The basis of the gameplay is not about linear movement through the level and killing everything on pre-prepared positions but more of arena based shooter. Like you cleared one area, and you moved on to the next.

This decision was made based on the fact that this approach requires less resources and I can use same props on different levels. Because of my limited artistic talents, I was unable to translate many interesting ideas into levels.

To somehow compensate for this and make the levels visually different, I did the levels with the obligatory use of some individual elements. Like floor pattern and some props that are exclusive for current level.

All maps are designed as arena with different interesting spots on it. Like you can see on the of one of the earliest maps “Café”.

Cafe 1

We have a common area for visitors. It has long distances and open spaces.

Cafe 2

Kitchen area. With more tight space and tables to shoot above.

Cafe 3

And storage rooms, with narrow spaces between the shelves and boxes.

All this places provide player with ability to choose a suitable field for the battle.

Also this approach allows player to play again and have different experience and I could use most of the maps in survival mode with additional refinements (like additional covers, to break long line of fire).

Underground Path 1

Because this game is about improvisation and constant movement all maps have no deadlocks and in every part of the map at least 2 passes, so player can be always on the move. Also its useful for enemies that can bypass player from the side and attack him.


One of the main problems with design was to make a real place feeling. So that the maps do not look just like a set of geometry without practical meaning. That’s why classroom has locker rooms for girls and men, and a limited number of seats for the group. Dormitory hall has the necessary proportions to accommodate exactly the number of rooms, how many doors there are.


I think all these details are important for player’s immersion even he doesn’t know about it.


You can believe that this place is from military Academy? Right?

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!

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